MEI2015 is the 2nd International Conference on Medical Education Informatics organised within the framework of the CAMEI Project (http://www.camei-project.eu/) [ICT-2013.5.1. Grant Agreement no 611967] funded by the FP7 programme of the European Commission.

It follows MEI2015, which was the 1st International  Conference on Medical Education Informatics, organized by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki team of the mEducator project [ECP 2008 EDU 418006] which was funded by the eContentPlus European Commission programme. Key papers from MEI2012 appeared in a special issue in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (http://www.jmir.org/themes/108).

The MEI2015 conference followed two International Workshops on "Multi-type Content Repurposing and Sharing in Medical Education" organised in Larnaca, CY (2009), and Plovdiv , BG (2010), as well as, many other clustering and dissemination events which have taken place since 2009, in the framework of the mEducator project. The MEI2012 conference aims to create the space for discussion and debate about the evolution of learning technologies and the web and its integration and role within modern medical education.

This year, MEI2015 is supported by other funded projects, namely, ePBLnet (http://www.epblnet.eu/) [funded by the TEMPUS programme]; Millennium Hospital (http://www.mhel-project.eu/) [funded by ]; WHAAM (http://www.whaamproject.eu/) [funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commision; Key Activity 3 Multilateral Projects]; and STHENOS (http://www.sthenos.gr) [funded by the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports (ref. number 2012ΣΕ24580284]