Abstract Submission Rules and Guidelines

Adhere to the following when preparing your Abstract file. The file will be uploaded to the abstract system once you have gone through the submission process:

  • Review the Sample Abstract (in MS-Word Format or PDF format) prior to preparing your submissions.
  • Abstracts should be composed in MS Word format (doc or docx) or OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument format (odt) and upload via Online Submission System.
  • Abstracts submissions are to ONLY contain text, formulas and symbols.
  • Abstracts must not exceed 300 words.
  • Use bold 14 point, Times Roman Font for the title.
  • Use 10 point, Times Roman Font for author, affiliation and text.
  • Use 10 point, Symbol Font for symbols.
  • If embedding formulas, keep the text size at 8 point.
  • Use full justification in the document
  • Do not place hard returns at the end of each line in your abstract text. Let the text wrap to the next line.
  • Do not use 'headers' or 'footers'.
  • Add a conflict of interest statement if applicable