Establishing basic knowledge and the themes of the summer school

A good collection of talks introducing the main themes of  the summer school. 

Charalampos Bratsas talked about "Open Science and Open Oppportunities", discussing the challenges and opportunities for the Greek context. Some disappointing data, e.g. from a census relating to Greek cities but also some worthwhile attempts to address these problems and initiate related activities.

Andreas Veglis introduced an unknown to me rich field, that of Data Journalism and gave us a concise image of the data journalism ladscape.

Stathis Constantininidis delved into the specifics of Open Education, reestablishing the Open education definition as more than open educational resources (OERs). He discussed various aspects of Open Education, examining aspects of sustainability, Pedagogy, Barriers to uptake, giving examples of related projects (like OER n the Global south).

Stathis Constantininidis (standing in for Panos Bamidis) introduced the Open Health field, touching on the problem of capturing and deriving intelligence from health big data. He referred to good applications to real projects and contexts like EU projects in the area of active and healthy aging and mEducator.

Finally, Gwen Franck gave a very informative talk, introducing Creative Commons Licenses. A slighlty complex but absolutely essential set of choices for those of us who want to share knowledge, bu using the right Creative Commons licence. I liked her claim that  "Research does not happen in an Ivory Tower anymore or behind university walls" and how this affects civil society (health care, education, etc).