Work-Based Assessment e-portfolio

e-Portfolios for Workplace‐Based Assessments

To share experiences of ways in which different institutions use workplace-based assessments (WPBAs) and portfolios
To explore the advantages and challenges represented by electronic systems for WPBAs
To consider tips for selecting a portfolio system
To consider the added value of online portfolios, from both institutional and student perspectives.
Learning outcomes: 
Understanding of the type and style of provision learner’s own institution may need from a portfolio for workplace-based assessments
Awareness of advantages and disadvantages of different portfolio solutions for different courses and situations
Know the principles behind the generation of forms and tools, and completing assessments, in an exemplar system
Medical education has taken an increasing interest in e-portfolios, driven by (i) increasing requirements for student support, assessment and feedback, (ii) the paper mountain generated by increased student monitoring in clinical attachments (iii) availability of mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablets. In searching for an e-portfolio, institutions consider different strategies for provision: is data to be entered by PC or mobile, will it be web-based or app-based; is it one solution-fits-all, or will different courses have different solutions; is it to be a ‘giveaway’ smartphone or tablet, or a “bring your own device” solution?
An initial presentation will consider drivers for an online portfolio in a variety of course situations and institutional needs, using SGUL’s unusual diversity of educational provision as an example (2 MBBS courses, 2 VLEs, a Faculty shared by 2 universities); its plans to implement all the above solutions; the individual drivers for each of these solutions; whether this diverse approach is feasible. Users will then take part in exercises in which they explore a portfolio design for one of their own courses. They will see examples from an exemplar system called Myprogress, developed by MyKnowledgeMap.


Wednesday, 17 June, 2015 - 16:15 to 17:45