Standards frameworks for competenciesCOMP Tool

This final talk on standards covered issues relating to standards for IT skills and competencies, including curriculum and tools. The talk covered many of the standards listed in the previous two talks, and included CAMEI, EU-US, the AHIMA's Health Information Career Map, and the Global Health Workforce Development which addresses global HI curriculum and competency standards; and the European eCompetence Framework and  the HTCOMP Tool. 

The talk explain why these standards are required now, by citing social media; web of data; existing qualifications framework and guidelines for IT skills. In particular, it was noted that it is possible to identify existing courses which need major update by quantifying the extent to which they map to the standards. 

My feeling is that this area is also crying out for a qualitative analysis tools, such as are used, for example, in grounded theory to induce the component concepts for the above standards. Also, on conclusion of the three talks in this standards session, I was still seeking a synthesis, whereby an overarching model is derived to make sense of this domain of standards and draw a conclusion. As well as bringing together the threads, this would have the advantage of providing a conceptual model for analyzing gaps, overlaps, strengths and weaknesses of existing standards and hence their efficacy for specific roles and the needs for future work in this area.