Millenium Hospital for Educating Surgeons - HANDS-ON

Millenium Hospital for Educating Surgeons

Hands on practice with the Millenium Hospital Platform
Learning outcomes: 
Familiarization of the user with the Millenium Hospital Platform
To Experience Millenium Hospital please pay attention to the following: Technical Requirements • Internet connection is required • This game is optimized ONLY for Mozilla Firefox, the latest version (download from • This game is running ONLY on PC (preferably no MAC) • Before experiencing Millenium Hospital it is necessary to install the UNITY plugin Check if your browser has the Unity Plugin installed in this link: After you are certain that your computer fulfills the above requirements and have installed all the necessary tools use the platform URL to enter the Millenium Hospital Platform.
When entering for the first time press the REGISTER button and fill out at least all the fields marked with asterisk. PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD. If you forget them you will be unable to access the platform and will have to register with a different email address. After you register follow again the platform URL and this time press the LOGIN button. Enter your Username and Password. Wait for the Platform to load on your browser. Follow the on screen help for moving and interacting in the 3d environment. CAUTION: clicking the mouse button within the 3d environment toggles on and off the mouse look functionality. If you find your view of the 3d world facing in odd angles click the mouse button, center it within the viewport (the 3d window) and then click again to have a more comfortable navigation. When you reach any interactable objects or persons you will see the interact button and will be able to interact using it (default E). The Millenium Hospital platform is an experiential interactive 3d environment. Feel free to explore it and in the process learn about the topics covered in this installment. After you are familiar with the environment enter the main hospital corridor and try to find the Auditorium (check for room signs in the environment). There peruse the educational material. Be aware that the material will open in a different browser tab. When you are finished please click on the original tab and continue. Try to find the patient rooms where the mini games for each course are located. Also, be aware that you have to at least have a look at the learning material in order for the relevant room to unlock and be able to enter. When you do so play the mini games, try to be as efficient as possible and try to win the coveted golden badge for each room! After finishing all the tasks in the rooms you will presented with an evaluation form where you are kindly asked to assess your experience with Millenium Hospital. Please feel free to offer any suggestions about the platform and its improvement. Enjoy the Millenium Hospital Experience.
Millenium Hospital

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